Thursday, November 13, 2008

I want it spikey!!

Gavin has been begging me for a while to cut his hair short. I kept putting it off because I love his beautiful, long, blond hair. Well, I finally gave in, I figured if I didn't like it I would just get him a bunch of hats and beenies. As it turns out he looks great! Isn't he a handsome kid? I feel like he looks so much older now though and it makes me a little sad :(


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When Gavin was done Lincoln wanted his hair cut like Gavin's. He kept saying, "like Gabin's hair." So cute!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play!!

The last few days Gavin's been filling me in on the things that went on while I was gone. Here's a couple conversations we've had.

Gavin- "Mommy, daddy loves it when you're gone!"
me- "Oh really, why?"
Gavin- "Because then he can spend all his time with me."
My question, is Steve telling him this or is Gavin drawing his own conclusion? Gavin actually had this same conversation with my neighbor Tami when I was gone. But his answer to her when she asked why was, "Because then he gets all my cuddles. He got ALL my cuddles this morning."

Gavin -"Mom, daddy let me taste his yucky drink and its really not that yucky!"
Me- "Oh, its not?"
Gavin- "No, it just taste like sprite."
Coke is off limits to Gavin. We always tell him it's daddy's yucky so he wont want it. Apparently that reasoning isn't going to work any more. Thanks babe!

Gavin- "All we ate while you were gone was pizza, mac & Cheese and treats."
Sounds about right...

We were talking about all these little tidbits last night at the dinner table and I was telling Steve how glad I was that Gavin tells me everything. I said to Gavin, "You tell your mom everything, right?" He says, "Yeah, well.... except what I watch at uncle Mikey's house." Hmmm.... apparently Uncle Mikey lets him watch a carton that's not allowed in our house.

This post isn't to bag on my husband. He and Gavin actually had a great weekend together and I love what great buddies they are. I'm just happy to know that he still tells his mommy EVERYTHING! I know that one day he probably wont :( But I'm going to do my best to make sure he does.

Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Days In Heaven! Or Was It Cali??

My two girl friends and I went to Huntington Beach this weekend for a quick girls trip. It was such relaxing weekend! We did exactly what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it. We didn't have to worry about anyone but ourselves for 3 whole days. Its just so nice to be able to get away with good girl friends every once in a while.

Tabitha an I on our flight out. Sheri was already in California on a Disney vacation with her family, so she just met us in Huntington Beach.

Sheri, Tabitha and me on the pier

Lunch at Ruby's on the pier

Laying out on the beach in 80 degree weather.

Getting ready for the day at 11:00am. That's right I said 11:00am, it's our girls trip and will sleep in as late as we want ;-)

I was able to see one of my best friends Chelsie who lives in Newport. Its always so good to see her.

We just pigged out at The Cheesecake Factory

Breakfast at The Sugar Shack... Yummy!!

Shopping at Bella Terra. Aren't these glasses hot??

We got pedicures and manicures from the cool place that does really fun designs on your nails. Tabitha got circles, Sheri got pink plaid, and I got stripes.

Back to reality, soooooo sad!!

Going home was bitter sweet. We didn't want to leave sunny California, but we really missed our kids, oh yeah and our husbands too ;-)

Thanks to all those who made this weekend so awesomely stress free.
* all our husbands for so willingly taking care of the kids all weekend
* my super sweet friend Tami for watching Gavin while Steve was at work
* Tabitha for the buddy passes
* My incredibly generous sister in law Janet for letting us take over her house and drive her car. We got to see a little bit of her and her beautiful daughters on Friday before they left for the weekend, but I totally forgot to get pics :-(
* And last but definitely not least, Sheri and Tabitha. It was so great to share the weekend with such good friends!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember When You Promised??

We bought Gavin's costume a few weeks before Halloween and I heard on almost a daily basis, "Mom, can I wear my Iron Man costume? " I was so tired of telling him no that I promised him he could wear it as much as he wanted after Halloween if he'd just stop asking. So on the morning after Halloween the VERY first thing he says to me is, "Mom remember when you promised to let me where my Iron Man costume as much as I wanted after Halloween?" Of course he didn't forget. That boy has such a one track mind. Well I had to keep my promise, so every day since Halloween if we're home he has his costume on. Oh the joy!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

What to say about Halloween?? Lots of candy, friends, and fun!!

My Iron Man

Gavin with his cousins - Jared dressed up like Iron Man too. And our sweet Analisa was an angel of course.

Iron Man (Gavin), Little Witch (Niki) , Cowboy (Kyle), Horse (Jackson), Dorothy (Tori)

Ready to Go

Trick or Treat

After Trick or Treating PJ Party

Lincoln and Gavin

Halloween Program

Gavin's preschool put on a little Halloween program. It was really cute and fun to watch. As soon as he woke up Halloween morning he started asking me when he could go to school. He was so excited to put on his costume. He told me everybody was going to think he was soooooo cool!