Friday, March 20, 2009

They're Here!

My corner bookmarks came and I love them! Aren't they so cute? I usually use little scraps of paper or the book sleeves for my bookmarks, but now I have not one but three of my very own corner bookmarks. I kind of feel like I need to go out a buy at least three new books to make sure they all get equal attention. My husband may not agree. He already thinks I spend way to much on books. But what do you think? Thanks Karli, you're the best!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Once Upon a Lilly Pad

Hey Mom and Dad, I thought you'd like to see these pictures since chances are pretty good your daughter Laura wont post them :-) Jared and Annalisa were in the play Once Upon a Lilly Pad and did a wonderful job. Gavin loved it! Jared was an alligator or crocodile (don't know which) and Annalisa was a firefly. Don't they look cute?

Christina also has one of the lead roles in Seussical The Musical. She's choreographed all her own dances and has two solos. Her plays not till April, but I'll try to get some video and pictures of her in action.

Love you guys!

Family Get Together

My little sis Julee and her family came to stay with us this last weekend and while they were here Zeb was able to bless my sweet little niece and namesake Siarah. It was a beautiful blessing and during the entire blessing Siarah was completely silent and just stared up at her daddy. How do we know this, you ask? Her uncle Mikey peeked a few times during the blessing ;-) But it really does make me wonder what she was thinking and feeling.

We also had a little birthday party for my nephews Jared and Ayden. The only problem was Ayden slept through everything, so we didn't even get one single picture of him. Jared doesn't like cake so he requested donuts. Here's a shot of him with his birthday donutcake.

And of course a parties never a party with out the kids beating up on and wrestling around with uncle Mikey
Here are my cute boys :-)
It was great to all get together. All my sibling were there except for my sister Lisa and her family. I love that we all live close and are able to get together as often as we do. We just wish the Quinn family didn't live so far away. And of course we can't wait till May for our parents to be home so they can join in on all the family celebrations.


Gavin and I went bowling with Sheri and her girls when our husbands were in sunny Saint George on a golf trip. We had lots of fun! Gavin and Tori even bowled a couple of strikes.

Bunko & Yummy Recipes

I have been in this Bunko group for about a year now and I love it! We have such a fun group of ladies. It's always loud and crazy with lots of screaming and laughing.

March was my month to host and I was having trouble deciding what to make for dinner so I asked my friend Kristen (who is an awesome cook) for some suggestions. She has this amazing recipe blog called You Got Served. You should check it out if you ever need new recipe ideas. I've cooked a ton of recipes from it and loved every one. One of the things she suggested I make was this YUMMY Zesty Spring Salad. It was a huge hit!

I also made Cupcake Surprise for dessert and a few of you wanted the recipe, so here ya go.

Cupcake Surprise

Make a regular chocolate cake mix and fill your muffin tins about half way. Then put a scoop of the filling "surprise" on top of the chocolate cake batter. Cook for 18-22 min at 350.

Surprise filling
8oz cream cheese
1 egg
3/4 c sugar
1 bag of milk chocolate chips

They are very easy and ooey gooey delicious!

Monday, March 2, 2009

And The Winner Is ...

ME!! Yay!! I seriously never win anything. And check out these sweet corner bookmarks. I love them and can't wait to get mine!!