Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hole N" The Rock

On the way home from Blanding Lisa and I took Gavin and Keely to Hole N" The Rock. It's a home that was built in the side of a huge rock. I wish we could have taken pictures inside the home, it pretty amazing. Gavin and Keely loved it.

Happy Birthday To My Grandpa and Me!

My sibling and I had been planning to go to Blanding and visit our grandparents for a while now. It just so happened that spring break and my birthday fell on the same weekend. So it worked out that my Grandpa and I got to spend our birthday together.

It was wonderful to spend time with my grandparents and I'm so happy all my sisters and my bro were able to be there too. My amazing grandma (who we told not to fuss over us) made a big turkey dinner that was delicious. Love you grandma and grandpa!!

Tourist In My Hometown

It was strange to visit my hometown and not have a home to go home to. When my parents left on their mission they rented out the home I was born and raised in for 18 years. So while we were in Blanding we stayed at the Super 8, ate at The Old Timer restaurant and even visited the Edge of The Cedars Museum. It was actually kind of fun to visit Blanding from the tourists perspective. I saw good old Blanding in a different light.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Suprise

Steve was going to be in Arizona on my birthday so before he left he invited a few of my friends and family over for cake and ice cream. It was a sweet surprise. Thanks babe! And thanks to everyone who came!!

Full House

Gavin loves it when his cousins come to stay. We had lots of fun with all the little munchkins running around.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girls Night Out!

Last night Lisa and I went to dinner with some of our old girl friends from high school. And by old I mean we've been friends for a long time, not that we're old ;-) Its always so fun to get together with the girls and reminisce about old times. Thanks for the girls night out ladies. Can't wait till next time.


Easter morning Gavin opened his new Easter outfit. He wasn't really excited about it. He wanted to know where his candy was.
After church we sent him on an Easter basket hunt. He was very excited that the Easter bunny didn't forget his candy. He got Book of Mormon Stories, swim shorts, 2 star wars movies, some Star Wars action figures, and lots of candy.
We had all my family (-mom and dad) and some friends over for Easter dinner. This will our last Holiday without mom and dad since they come home in may, Wahooo!! But we had fun all being together. I'm so lucky to have such a close relationship with all my sisters and my brother.

After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt all the cousins.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have such good memories of Easter as a little girl. And I love making new memories with my own little family. I'm so great thankful for our Savior and the sacrifices he made for us so we can all be together forever.

eggs, eggs, and more eggs....

The couple who was in charge of our ward Easter egg hunt stuffed over 1250 Easter eggs. It was so much fun! Gavin just ran as fast as he good and filled his basket. Good times!!

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Seussical The Musical

Mom and Dad, Here are the photos and video I promised from Christina's play. She did an amazing job! That's one talented granddaughter you have there!!

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