Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here's some more info on the last post I did about my super talented friend Karli. Today is the last day of the contest so she needs all the hits she can get. I just thought you'd like to see the prizes you could possibly win if you help her out. Click here to see the awesome prizes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Support Karli Hurren & Blog Wars!

Click here to visit my talented friend Karli's blog and help her win a contest she's having with her husband. Make a comment and you can even win a sweet price.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Such a great feeling!

You know that feeling you get when your child does something that really makes you proud? Like when they make a right choice, do something nice or caring? Well today was NOT one of those days. When I picked Gavin up for school he starts telling me all about these children in Guatemala who don't have any shoes or socks, who don't even have carpet in there schools and they have to sit on dirt. Sad right? Gavin's school is doing some sort of fund raiser for some kids in Guatemala. Gavin goes on to tell me this:

Gavin- "My teacher asked us if we had a dollar would we want to put it in a jar for the kids in Guatemala or buy a brownie. I told her I would buy the brownie."

Me- *with a look of shock* "Oh really, why did you chose the brownie?"

Gavin- *with a look of duh* "Because brownies are yummy!"

Oh yeah, and it gets better. He also told me that he was the only kid in his class that choose the brownie. And let me tell you, the pride was overflowing!! I think it's time for some service projects in the Atwood home.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Can someone explain this to me please???

Is is a lack of commitment? Can't decided if it's truly dirty or not? Or is it really just that much harder to put the clothes ALL THE WAY inside the hamper? I seriously don't get it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You don't realize how easy you got it until...

you don't got it so easy any more.

My real life-Wife and stay at home mother of one.

My life for a week-Single mother of 3 with a high maintenance puppy on the side

My sister Lisa and her husband asked me to go to Michigan and watch their kids for a week while they went to sunny Florida. In that week I became thankful for many things and here are just a few:

*A child who doesn't wake up before the sun. I am not and never will be a morning person.

*A husband who comes home from work at night and plays with our son. Even though Gavin, Keely and Ben are really good kids, having a break at the end of my day would have made a huge difference.

*A husband to hang out with and talk to at night. You don't realize how badly you need adult interaction until your not getting it.

*A warm body in my bed. Even though I'm not much for cuddling it's nice to know he's there.

*Utah weather. That's right you heard me, I said Utah weather. You think it's cold here? Try going to Michigan where the weather forecast says 20 degrees, but feels like 7. The humidity makes it so much colder. Just thinking about it makes me cold, brrrrr!!!

And last but not least...

*Time alone with my amazing niece and nephew. I know it may sound like I was complaining, but all in all I actually really enjoyed the time I had with them. Ben is such a cute, chunky, cuddly, little boy, but in the past had been very withholding of those cuddles. It was great to be the only person he had, so he was forced to love me. I got more cuddles, hugs and kisses from that boy in one week that I have in his whole life time (he's 2 next month). I also loved spending time with Keely. Even doing the simple things like homework was enjoyable. It's so fun to see her learning and growing. She is such a smart, beautiful girl and I'm lucky to be a part of her world.