Saturday, July 26, 2008


was the sound that woke me up just before 8:00 this morning. All our neighbors know that the Atwood's would never be up before 9:30 on a Saturday. So I didn't know who could possible be at our door so early. When we finally came to and started to become coherent we could hear the sound of waters outside our bedroom window. Steve jumped up and ran to the door where our neighbors the Wanders were standing to tell us we had a problem. One of our sprinklers had broke and was spraying everywhere for who knows how long and had totally filled both our window wells with water. Steve shut off the water and ran downstairs to find 2 rooms and a hall way completely flooded. What a way to wake up!! So we've spent our day moving everything out of those rooms into the family room (see the pretty picture?), sump pumping water, wet vacuuming water up, and trying to dry everything out. Not the funnest way to spend a Saturday! Oh well, I guess it could have been worse.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Can someone please tell me what the heck happened here? Y'all might think I'm a little crazy, but I CANNOT believe Will went home tonight. He was for sure the best male dancer left. And Mark wasn't even in the bottom two, PLEASE!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bellybutton -vs- Belly hole

I somehow deleted my side bar of Conversations with Gavin. I'm going to put it back but in the mean time I had to share a conversation Steve and Gavin had.

Gavin pointing and Steve's bellybutton says, "You have a belly hole daddy." Steve, "No that's my bellybutton." Gavin lifts up his shirt and says, " This is a bellybutton daddy!" then points to Steve's, "That's a belly hole!"

I couldn't stop laughing!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sooooooo Funny!!!

One of my friends just put this link on her blog and I have to share it. This girl is basically making fun of us Mormons and our blogs. You MUST check this out. I was laughing so hard my tummy hurt. I must admit I'm guilty of this cliché myself, but I think that's what makes it to funny. We can all relate, right? And make sure you check out her older posts they just get funnier.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th of July....

was a perfect day. We spent our day at Huntington Beach with some of Steve's family and our evening at San Clemente Beach with mine.

Us at Huntington Beach
$1 per slide. What a ripoff !
Gavin playing in the sand with his uncle Mike
Emily, Me and Gavin
My Cute Grandma G. with Mike and Emily
Our little beach boy
Yummy Smores!
Taking a walk on the beach
Steve and Gavin walking off into the sunset
The whole bunch waiting for the fireworks
My own fireworks show
Gavin giving my cousin Richelle cuddlesWatching the fireworksIt was a great show and a great day!

Pool Time

We spent a day at Grandma Gibby's hanging out and playing in the pool. Gavin loves his Grandma Gibby. For the next few days he kept asking if we could go back to Grandma G's house. I don't blame him she is one lovable lady.

Ayden is a dare devil like his daddy. He kept dunking himself and trying to take off and swim on his own. When he was jumping into his dad he decided he'd just try it back words. Luckily Zeb has quick reactions. I tried to get a picture of him jumping in, but this is the best I could do. Good luck with that one Julee!
We also spent a lot of time and my friend Steph's pool who was awesome enough to let us stay in her condo while we were there. Thanks Steph!

Ready to play!
All tuckered out!

We Went To Cali Because. . .

Our niece Chantelle just graduated from UCSB and her mom was having a big graduation party. We are so proud of Chantelle and how hard she worked to get her degree. All of Steve family was there except for his sister Debbie and her family. It was so great see everyone and spend so much time together. We were sorry Debbie couldn't be there, but she was so sweet to stay home and take care of Grandma Atwood so that my mother in law could come and relax. Thank you Debbie!

Stephanie, Judy (mom), Janet, Jeni, Amber, Britney
Gavin coping his Grandpa A.
P.S. More pics to come. I lost my camera for a couple of days so I'm waiting for some pictures from my sister in law.

Beach Trips

We had lots of fun trips to the beach. Gavin loves the ocean and playing in the sand. I however pretty much stayed on my towel. I'm a little bit of a beach snob I guess. Once you've been to the clear blue beaches of Hawaii nothing else compares. Good thing he had his daddy and aunts and uncles to play with him.

Gavin & Daddy catching some waves
Steve, Zeb, Gavin & Ayden
Gavin playing with his Grandpa A. and his cousins in the sand
Gavin chasing Aunt Janet
Gavin and Uncle Alan
Gavin loved being buried in the sand. I was a little cold
so he said he would stay in there until he warmed up

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Gavin decided he wanted to go to Legoland instead of Disneyland. I was a little disappointed but it's all about the kid, right? We had a great time though. It was perfect weather and the park wasn't busy at all. Julee, Zeb and Ayden came with us and poor Ayden was too small for most of the rides, but he and Gavin had a lot of fun in the water park. We stayed till close and on the way out Gavin said, “This was a great day!” I thought it was too.

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