Monday, November 30, 2009


We spent two days at Disneyland while we were in Cali for Thanksgiving. I think I was more excited than Gavin. I Love Disneyland!

Waiting in line for Soarin' Over California. This was our favorite ride.
Steve and I on Tower of Terror. I was definitely terrified!
Waiting in line for Monsters Inc. with my friend Chelsie from College. My friend Steph met me there too, but I forgot to get a pic. :(
A Bugs Life

Gavin's in the Dog Pound.
Taking a lunch break enjoying our $6 corn dogs.

Indiana Jones- Gavin loved this ride.

Gavin and his friend Josh. Some of our friends from Lehi were at Disneyland the same day as us, so we met up for dinner and a few rides.

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Updates From The Outback said...

Lots of fun!
We enjoyed the same thing last November. That's the time to go to Disneyland. No lines.